Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kid Robot Clothing

Kid Robot Clothing - It seems almost sinful to pay the prices that are asked for kid's Halloween costumes. Unless your child wants to be Spiderman or the Hulk complete with muscles, it's much more worthwhile to put your own costumes together with some basic kid's apparel and craft supplies. Here are a few great ideas that you can quickly whip up that are sure to be a hit with the younger crowd.

Cheery Chicken

Transform your child into a cheery chicken complete with "feathers." Here's what you need:

1 white or cream colored sweat suit with hood

1 white feather boa

Matching thread

Orange or yellow colored stretch gloves

Orange or yellow colored rubber boots

Sew a length of boa feathers to each sleeve. Tack a small tuft of feathers to the hood point. Dress up in the costume, with the gloves and boots to complete the outfit.

Darling Ducky

You can turn this costume into a cute duck instead. Instead of white clothing, use a bright yellow sweat suit and a bright yellow boa for the feathers.

Lego Block

Here's a totally unique and fun idea that children can relate to - Lego blocks!

1 cardboard box to fit child (don't make this too big or they won't be able to maneuver around)

Small can of paint in one of the Lego colors

8 small matching plastic bowls

Paint the box on all sides. Cut out the arm holes and a larger hole for the head. Glue or secure 4 bowls on the front so that bottom of the bowls face out and the open rim is glued to the box. On the back, reverse this so the bottom of the bowl is secured to the box and the open bowl faces out. Have your child dressed in a sweat suit that closely matches the color of your homemade Lego piece.

Radical Robot

The Lego block design can easily be changed into a kid robot clothing. Just cover the box with tin foil and glue on old knobs, nuts and bolts, some plastic mesh, etc. Cover a large plastic funnel with foil paper for a hat and dress your child in all black or all grey clothing.

As you can see, it's not only more cost effective to make your own kid robot clothing costumes for your children (after all, you can use the outfits for regular use after Halloween), but it's also not difficult at all. With a bit of imagination and some household items, you've got a plenty of ways to be creative with your children's Halloween costumes this year.

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