Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kid Robot Clothing

Kid Robot Clothing - It seems almost sinful to pay the prices that are asked for kid's Halloween costumes. Unless your child wants to be Spiderman or the Hulk complete with muscles, it's much more worthwhile to put your own costumes together with some basic kid's apparel and craft supplies. Here are a few great ideas that you can quickly whip up that are sure to be a hit with the younger crowd.

Cheery Chicken

Transform your child into a cheery chicken complete with "feathers." Here's what you need:

1 white or cream colored sweat suit with hood

1 white feather boa

Matching thread

Orange or yellow colored stretch gloves

Orange or yellow colored rubber boots

Sew a length of boa feathers to each sleeve. Tack a small tuft of feathers to the hood point. Dress up in the costume, with the gloves and boots to complete the outfit.

Darling Ducky

You can turn this costume into a cute duck instead. Instead of white clothing, use a bright yellow sweat suit and a bright yellow boa for the feathers.

Lego Block

Here's a totally unique and fun idea that children can relate to - Lego blocks!

1 cardboard box to fit child (don't make this too big or they won't be able to maneuver around)

Small can of paint in one of the Lego colors

8 small matching plastic bowls

Paint the box on all sides. Cut out the arm holes and a larger hole for the head. Glue or secure 4 bowls on the front so that bottom of the bowls face out and the open rim is glued to the box. On the back, reverse this so the bottom of the bowl is secured to the box and the open bowl faces out. Have your child dressed in a sweat suit that closely matches the color of your homemade Lego piece.

Radical Robot

The Lego block design can easily be changed into a kid robot clothing. Just cover the box with tin foil and glue on old knobs, nuts and bolts, some plastic mesh, etc. Cover a large plastic funnel with foil paper for a hat and dress your child in all black or all grey clothing.

As you can see, it's not only more cost effective to make your own kid robot clothing costumes for your children (after all, you can use the outfits for regular use after Halloween), but it's also not difficult at all. With a bit of imagination and some household items, you've got a plenty of ways to be creative with your children's Halloween costumes this year.

C3po Robot

C3po Robot - What are Robots?

In general, a robot is a programmable contraption, a machine that mimics the actions, thinking and even appearance of a human. And it is generally agreed that to qualify being called a robot, the contraption must do two things:

1) Get and process data from its surroundings,
2) Perform some labor-intensive task-such as move objects around at the very least.

The word robot is rooted in the Czech word robota. It connotes drudgery or slave-like labor. It found its first language exposure in the 1920 play was first used to describe fabricated workers in a fictional 1920s play by Rossum's Universal Robots by Czech playwright Karel Capek.

In the play, a scientist invents robots for home use, helping families to perform routine tasks. But once the robots are deployed to fight wars, they turn against their human masters and rule the world. This sounds like a common theme in many fictional movies over the last decade.

The Movies

There have been fictional movies with robots in the storyline starting back since the early days of Hollywood. Over the last 40 years, there's the highly destructive cyborg, half human and half robots made famous with Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator series. But the most famous of these are R2D2 and c3po robot in the Star Wars movie saga. It was also about this time when serious research and development into robotic technology have started. They wouldn't gain much headway though until computers and software programs reached maturity in the last mid 90s.

Real Robots

C3po robot are not just for the movies or science fiction. They are getting real. Perhaps not as sophisticated as C3PO or the Terminator, but right now, in just about every manufacturing plant, laboratory or military installation around the world, robots are working. They are assembling and spray-painting cars at Toyota and BMW automotive factories. They are walking and exploring live and potentially active volcanoes, diffusing bombs in the Middle East, and assisting surgeons in hospitals.

Historical narratives and anecdotes have ancient poet Homer describe maidens and metallic helpers for the Greek god of forge, Hephaistos. Medieval Jewish legends have Golems made of clay that had robot-like traits. And in the15th century, Leonardo da Vinci had drawings and plans for a mechanical man.

But it wasn't until the mid-20th century that real robots started appearing, first as research prototypes and getting more pervasive application in the industrial areas. The advent of cheap mass produced consumer goods have made robots, however, primitive, a mainstay in manufacturing plants.

The automobile industry is home to the robotic pioneers that have made possible the cars we have today. Then came developments in robots that allowed them specific functions like diffusing bombs or exploring dangerous war torn areas for mine fields, to mention some.

As technology makes more capable thinking computers, smarter chips, more miniaturized actuators and motors, robots are increasingly making their appearance in the lives of 21st century man. Scientists and engineers are working to improve the robots we have in our factories. There are already c3po robot appliances for the home using Artificial Intelligences called "fuzzy logic" features. The real challenge is to make them move and "think" with more human-like qualities but having the speed and precision of computers.

Buy Nao Robot

Buy Nao Robot - Robots have been around as long as we can remember, but until relatively recently, their impact on our lives has been limited to the movie screen. However, they've come a long way since the "Danger Will Robinson!" robot from the television series Lost in Space. Advances in processing power, software algorithms, and motor miniaturization have allowed for the creation of some truly amazing mechanical creatures.

One of the most compelling robots is one created by Aldebaran Robotics called the Nao Bot. This robot is almost eerie in its ability to mimic human movements. It is fitted with optical, audio, and capacitive (touch) sensors to allow it to react to a variety of stimuli from its environment including voice and hand signals. It can even work together with other buy nao robot. While not really able to sort laundry or clean the dishes independently, it can do a pretty impressive dance number. Sony has its own version as well.

Not all robots are for entertainment purposes. You may have seen the disc-shaped robot in stores (I saw one at Target the other day) that vacuums floors independently. One company, iRobot Corporation, offers a line of specially designed robots that vacuum floors, clean swimming pools, and even clean out gutters with little or no interaction. The cost of these robots varies from $100 up to about $500 depending on the features that you want.

Have you ever wished you had a helper for moving a bulky item like a table or piece of drywall? Well now there is a robot developed by Masaaki Kumagai and Takaya Ochiai at the Tohoku Gakuin University in Japan that can balance on a ball so effectively that it is capable of carrying relatively heavy loads without falling over. Although not yet available at your local Lowes, this technology shows great promise for practical applications.

These are only a few of the buy nao robot that are being developed and even sold commercially. From hospitals to factories to homes, robots are beginning to make their way into our lives. The day when one of these mechanical helpers are as commonplace in our homes as a computer may not be far away.

All Robot Games

All Robot Games - Robot Unicorn Attack is a free online game which you can play in your web browser where you help a rainbow-colored-haired robot unicorn jump from one platform to another without falling off the cliffs or bumping against the edges and walls of the platforms. As he dashes across the lush purple grasses and rainbow-strewn backdrops, leaping from one platform to another, he has to collect butterfly fairies along his way to gain at least 10 points for every butterfly fairy he caught.

There are glass stars that blocked his way and he has to jump over them (by hitting on letter "Z") to avoid a fateful death or to dash through them (by hitting on letter "X") to collect atleast 100 points for every glass star he was able to explode. You have three tries to make your score as high as possible, the first wish, second wish and the last wish. You have to use each wish wisely by collecting as many points as possible before you let your robot unicorn lose his neck. Your scores on the three wishes would be summed up for your total score at the end of the game.

The good thing about Robot Unicorn Attack is that kids and adults alike will get to play this game. This is so easy to play that even little kids have the chance to enjoy this game. The game is played by merely pressing two letters in the keyboard, Z (to jump up high) and X (to dash through glass stars). The goal is pretty easy too, as mentioned above. Make the robot unicorn go as far as you can without falling off the cliffs or bumping against walls and glass stars and that's it. Collect butterfly fairies and explode glass stars along the way for bonus points. Pretty easy. Plus the graphics is quite appealing for the kids, with those rainbows and all kids will definitely love this game. And as I've said, this game is not for kids alone. Adults can somehow relate to all robot games since it is pretty entertaining. It's kind of childish, alright but sometimes, we have to indulge the kids in us. And the background music will give you a nostalgic feeling. I kind of remember good old days when I was just a kid myself and I, like everybody else, got caught with the dance craze caused by Erasure's "Always". So you see, even the background music is somewhat telling us all that this game is not for the young ones alone. It is also for the "young once".

Adept Robot

Adept Robot - The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe concluded in its 2003 Robotics Survey that robots are among the worlds most in demand commodities. Sectors demanding robots include industrial plants, science and technology, research, medicine and household work. Growth rates for sales in 2003 reached 35% in North America, 25% in Europe and 18% in Asia.

Robots in the manufacturing industry have been equated as the number of robots per 10,000 workers. In the motor manufacturing, it can be predicted to have 1 robot as replacement for 10 workers. This brings us to the level of competency and accuracy in terms of jobs done by robots and by human workers.

Robots have been employed in application from food to automobiles. Japan has been the leading country in utilizing adept robot, however in 2003 the United States spent $877 million in buying robots for material handling in factories. The automotive industry has used C flexrobots for odd and dangerous jobs before but now even the simplest tasks such as installation and welding are being automated.

Industry sectors employing robots

In food manufacturing and assembly, Adept Robots, can make 75 to 125 Oreo cookies a minutes. For the service industry, Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) have taken over the role of a cashier in banks. In restaurants, the self service check out machine is beginning to be a familiar sight.
In the health service sector, experiments on robotic companion to assist the elderly in home for the aged and in hospitals are under way. They are equipped with a real time video feed that is transmitted among the nurses, patients and physicians.

Soon enough warehouse stores will be using radio frequency tags so that robots can drop off or store items. Carnegie Mellon University prides itself in the development of the very first adept robot receptionist. It can sense motion and greet visitors while the Asimo Honda model had been in development to replace office clerks, leaving humans to do supervisory and administrative tasks.

New robots for the pulp and the paper mills industry are also being developed. These totally eliminate the need for human labor with its precision control and smooth movement. The whole system is currently being used in the largest operating paper converter in the North America.
A new virtual training system for welders has been launched recently, and this will eliminate manual training and will provide a fresh and modern approach to welders. As the area of manufacturing has been concentrating in high end products like luxury cars, the introduction of these virtual welding modules will increase the number of highly trained professionals in the manufacturing industry.

Stealing Jobs from Humans

However, humanoids taking over human jobs have been a subject of protests all over the world. The Luddism movement which started out in England advocates anti automation of jobs. Its founder, Ned Lud was known to have destroyed weaving machines that were starting to replace human workers. Truly, it can be inferred that a adept robot manufacturing economy will lead to massive lay offs and replacements of workers.